When implementing management systems we aim to provide:

  • ✤ Positive organizational change;
  • ✤ A simple but comprehensive set of instructions that will enable consistency of work practices and ease training of new staff;
  • ✤ Accurate reporting mechanisms that will enable the identification of issues and the implementation of effective corrective action;
  • ✤ Consistent practices;
  • ✤ Introduction of effective checks and balances;
  • ✤ Improved efficiency and productivity;
  • ✤ Effective management of risk;
  • ✤ Feed back mechanisms for both internal and external customers;
  • ✤ Improved marketability of the organization’s services locally and internationally;
  • ✤ Continuous improvement in business management practices;
  • ✤ Timely delivery of services

It is our attention to bring you the best of approaches and also a high level of quality in our services. We are now looking forward to receiving your valuable order on us to begin the services. Hope to hear from you very soon, regarding the assignments. We would like to share our expertise with your organization which will help you in establishing and maintaining the system which will lead you towards continual improvement in your organizational as well as individual performance.


Our Location's

Head Office:

10, Bharat Housing Society, 7th Lane,
Kolhapur – 416008, Maharashtra.

Branch Office - Mumbai:

47/939, Gulmohor Co-op. Housing Society,
Samata Nagar, Kandivali (E),
Mumbai – 400101, Maharashtra.

Branch Office - Kolhapur:

E – 5, Vardhaman Nagar, 7th Lane, Rajarampuri,
Kolhapur – 416008,Maharashtra.